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Synchronize your QuickBooks data with Microsoft® SQL Server™.

QBSQL Innovative Technology That Allows You To Use Your QuickBooks Data In Innovative Ways



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QBSQL connects not only to your local database(s) but it can also connect to your cloud based SQL Server instances.

This presents you with a number of options when using the QBSQL Professional Edition.  For example, you might publish all of your QuickBooks company data to your in-house SQL Server database while publishing only specific data to your cloud based SQL Server instance for use by external suppliers or your employees in the field.

You might also combine additional production data to your in-house and/or Cloud based SQL Server instances to provide your employees with additional information that is otherwise not captured by QuickBooks.

QBSQL allows you to achieve all of this in the most efficient manner imaginable because QBSQL only updates and inserts records that have changed since your last synchronization.  Keep your data up to date using the efficient methods provided by QBSQL.

Provide Your Sales Team With Direct Access To Your QuickBooks Customer Base.

The Customer grid shown on the left side of this screen demonstrates a Microsoft AzureTM (Cloud) SQL Server 2014 Database that has been populated by QBSQL.

Such information might be made available to your Sales Team in the field.  Naturally, this information would be secured with a proper web login and user authentication.

This is just an example of how you can begin to empower your sales force by providing them with specific information about your customers directly from your QuickBooks company data file.

The decision to use in-house SQL Server instances or Cloud based SQL Server instances is of course up to you, but both may present a viable option when using QBSQL.

Let Your Sales Team See What Their Customers Have Been Buying!

In the next example, your sales team can see what their customer have been buying and what they may be running out of.

This helps them know when they may need to approach the customer for a new order and what they might need.

There are more ways your business can use your QuickBooks company data than you may have previously imagined.

QBSQL enables you to consider the opportunities you may have been missing out on and empowers you to develop the in-house and web-based applications that will propel your business forward.

Why wait?  Download the Edition that’s best for you!

Web Applications

Data shown derived from the QuickBooks Wholesale Distributor Sample File

QBSQL supports your local database(s) but it can also connect to your cloud based SQL Server instances.

These are examples of what can be done with your QuickBooks company data once it has been extracted to a Microsoft SQL Server Database.  Your in-house developers can create the Back Office and Web-based Applications you need.  Or you can Contact Us if you need assistance.

By adding production or services information to your QBSQL database(s), you can provide additional information in your applications that otherwise is not maintained in QuickBooks.

Utilize your new capabilities to create web applications to provide information to your sales force around the globe.

Inform vendors of needed merchandise or supplies.

It’s all about your business model and what will help your company grow.

You control your data, QBSQL makes it possible!

QBSQL empowers you to explore your business Data efficiently!

Download the 30 Day Free Trial to see why