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Synchronize your QuickBooks data with Microsoft® SQL Server™.

QBSQL Innovative Technology That Allows You To Use Your QuickBooks Data In Innovative Ways



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What Is QBSQL?

QBSQL is a powerful application that utilizes the QODBC Driver for QuickBooks to extract your QuickBooks company file data and insert, update, and delete that data into one or more Microsoft SQL Server Databases.

Once your company data is stored within a database like Microsoft SQL Server, there are many things that you can do with the data - that QuickBooks can’t do.

For example, you can create Back Office applications for your staff or serve sales information to your website to support and provide feedback to your sales people in the field.

What you decide to do with this new capability will be driven by your corporate needs.

Choose The Edition That’s Right For You.

Every person; every business - has a different need.

That’s why we have two editions to choose from.

QBSQL Standard Edition allows you to Synchronize your data to one database.

QBSQL Professional Edition allows you to Synchronize your data to an unlimited number of databases.

Choosing the edition that has the right combination of requirements for your business won’t be difficult.

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The image above shows QBSQL synchronizing a QuickBooks Company data file to a Microsoft SQL Server database.  See more here.

QBSQL uses the QODBC Driver to extract your QuickBooks company file data.

Once extracted, powerful proprietary algorithms determine whether the data matches the data in your SQL Server database and automatically Inserts, Modifies or Deletes the data within the SQL Server database so that it precisely matches the company file data.

QBSQL performs table data change analysis in seconds.

QBSQL empowers you to explore your business Data efficiently!

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QBSQL Wizard Options

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The image above shows QBSQL Wizard Options.  See more here.

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