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QBSQL is a powerful application that utilizes the QODBC Driver for QuickBooks to extract your QuickBooks company file data and synchronize the QuickBooks data from your company file into one or more Microsoft SQL Server Databases.

Once your company data is stored within your Microsoft SQL Server Database, there are many things that you can do with the data - that QuickBooks can’t do.

For example, you can create Back Office applications for your staff or serve sales information to your website to support and provide feedback to your sales people in the field.

What you decide to do with this new capability will be driven by your business needs.

Now that QBSQL Version 2 supports QuickBooks POS - these capabilities are now available to Merchants too.

Let’s face it; QuickBooks export options have a lot to be desired.  But with QBSQL you are no longer limited to those limitations!

Discover what thousands of other businesses already have - TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR COMPANY FILE DATA WITH QBSQL!

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Step1) Open your QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks POS Company File.

Then, let QBSQL create your Microsoft SQL Server Database.

QBSQL will create each table (along with any custom fields) from your company file and automatically create performance based indexes to the table on known fields.

Next, Select All or Some of the QuickBooks Tables for your SQL Server Synchronization
Depending on the number of features you use or don’t use in QuickBooks, some tables may not contain any records.
QBSQL will let you know which tables are empty and allow you to deselect them to optimize future synchronization runs.

Access Your Company Data In SQL Server
After your QuickBooks database been synchronized with
Microsoft SQL Server, you can

What Is QBSQL?

Using QBSQL is Easy!

QBSQL Creates Your Company File Database, Tables & Performance Indexes

Run Your First Sync!

Access Your Company Files Data In Your Company File SQL Server Database Tables

Watch the QBSQL Video (QuickBooks Standard - Enterprise Edition) to see it in action!

Watch the QBSQL Video (QuickBooks POS Edition) to see it in action!

QBSQL Version 2.x has many Improvements and New Features over version 1.x


NEW Features:

In fact, there are so many improvements, we can’t list them all here!

What’s New In QBSQL Version 2.x?


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Synchronize your QuickBooks data with Microsoft® SQL Server™.

QBSQL Innovative Technology That Allows You To Use Your QuickBooks Data In Innovative Ways


Opt File Settings



Additional Features

SQL Server



Note: The QODBC Driver for QuickBooks (Standard through Enterprise) or the QODBC POS Driver is required to use QBSQL.
The QODBC Driver for QuickBooks is sold separately.  For more information about the QODBC Driver click here.

VERSION 2 Now Available!
Now With Support For
QuickBooks POS and
Microsoft AZURE